OpenDD is an open multi-lingual, multi-platform software supporting the SRD3.5 game system. It is intended for helping game masters (GM) to manage campaigns of Dungeons & Dragons: ie create characters, automatically calculate their experience points, manage their levels, their acquisition of skills, feats, spells, etc..

OpenDD can print character sheets, summary sheets, books of spells specific to each character (in various formats), but also playing cards representing the objects acquired by the characters (weapons, armor, magical gears, etc.).

OpenDD also allows each GM to create new races, classes, feats, spells, magic items, etc. beyond those originally supported, to describe their effects on the characters, and then easily share them with the OpenDD community [being implemented]

New!Revision 0.94

- Support for Animal Characters

- Correction of attack and damage bonus for Monks and Halflings

- Attack modes adjust the damage of a weapon depending on wielder size