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In Previous Versions


- Take into account the effects of magic items on the character sheets when PCs wear them

- Can now adjust PC's XP in a more friendly way

- Enforce stricter rules (vs. class skills) for multiclassed PCs (Check general options to disable that)


- Preliminary support for Psionics, both PCs and NPCs

- Ability to print the cards directly without necessarily viewing them before

- Fixed a bug in object printing


- Ctrl-P now gives access to many new printing options


- Can now also generate a spell list as a one-page table to help players remember their PC's spells of the day.

- Support synergies among basic skills

- Better layout of play cards for magic items


- Support for Monstrous PCs and NPCs. You can now play a Drow Elf, or customize powerful monsters for your campaign and print their character sheets.


- Support for Prestige classes


- Personalized printing of PC spell books

- Support for Magic Object ("advanced" option)

- Corrected installation problem on MacOS and Linux


- First public release